Complex Learning Difficulties And Disabilities Research Project

Project resources


CLDD briefing packs

There are nine briefing packs each of which focuses on a condition which is commonly found to overlap with others in children with complex learning difficulties and disabilities (CLDD).

The packs cover the areas of: Attachment disorders, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Autism and autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, Fragile-X syndrome, Mental health, Prematurity, Rare chromosome disorders, Sensory impairments.

Each pack includes three different sheets: (a) a briefing sheet; (b) a classroom support sheet; and (c) an information sheet. The briefing sheet provides an introduction to the topic for the class teacher; the classroom support sheet provides essential information for anyone who has to support the student at short notice; while the information sheet provides extended information, references and links for those who would like to find out more about the topic.

Engagement profile and scale

The Engagement profile and scale encourages student-centred reflection, supporting teachers to develop learning experiences and activities around students’ strengths and interests. By breaking down ‘engagement’ into seven elements – awareness, curiosity, investigation, discovery, anticipation, persistence and initiation – the Engagement profile and scale enables teachers to actively personalise activities for the student in a way which will invite their engagement. It allows them to explore such questions as: ‘How can I change the learning task to stimulate Robert’s curiosity?’ ‘What can I change about this activity to encourage Shannon to persist?

Inquiry framework for learning

The Inquiry framework for learning is a tool which proposes pathways for inquiry into students' learning. It supports teachers to map the processes they go through in exploring and developing personalised learning pathways for students. It also gives teachers a means of demonstrating and justifying the lengthy but very valuable inquiry process which is an integral part of creating a student’s personalised learning pathway.