Complex Learning Difficulties And Disabilities Research Project

Inquiry framework for learning

What is the Inquiry Framework for Learning?

The Inquiry Framework for Learning is designed as a tool for educators in exploring and developing personalised learning pathways for children with complex learning difficulties and disabilities (CLDD). It supports an approach which focuses on increasing children’s engagement in learning in different areas of need, through a process of discussion and reflection.

The learning needs of students with CLDD are so complex that off the peg approaches, applied to a small class group or even a few students, rarely meet their educational needs. Taking an engagement approach allows educators to personalise the student’s educational experience to their learning strengths and interests so they can learn effectively and progress.

How it works

The Inquiry Framework for Learning is organised in two sections:

  1. Preliminary profile
  2. Inquiry areas.

The 'Preliminary profile', if fully completed, will result in a foundation document for the educator’s learning inquiry.

The 'Inquiry areas' provides inquiry starting points from which teachers can begin to build a personalised learning pathway for students in a systematic way. Under a series of twelve headings, questions are posed which may be helpful in themselves or give rise to further questions and debate. The questions are not hierarchical, nor comprehensive, but a stimulation to further inquiry to support the engagement of the complex individual with CLDD.