Complex Learning Difficulties And Disabilities Research Project

Inquiry areas

For each question you select from the Inquiry Framework for Learning, ask the following:

  1. How will others input into this (e.g. education colleagues, colleagues from other disciplines, the student’s family, the student themself)?
  2. In what ways will I find out more about difficulties and solutions for the student?
  3. In what ways will I adapt the student’s environment, experience or activity, etc.?
  4. How will I monitor this to see if it makes a difference for the student?
  5. If it is successful, how will I share this with others who work with the student?

During the CLDD research project, schools used the Inquiry framework for learning progress and audit forms to capture progress towards successful strategies. Please feel free to adapt these forms to your own purpose.

We have assumed that schools will have carried out a full risk assessment in accordance with their Health and Safety and Safeguarding Children Policies so these issues are not covered.

These areas are still being developed. If you have any queries or suggestions, please email them to